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A Sushi Symphony from Horten to Nøtterøy

Established in Horten in 2010, Okura Sushi began its journey as a small sushi haven. Founded by passionate enthusiasts, it quickly gained a local following for its authentic Japanese flavors and warm ambiance.


In 2013, Okura Sushi embarked on a new chapter, relocating to Nøtterøy. This charming community embraced the culinary gem, allowing it to continue its commitment to quality and innovation.


Today, Okura Sushi in Nøtterøy is a fusion of tradition and creativity, crafting a diverse menu that reflects its journey from Horten. With each bite, patrons experience a symphony of flavors that tell the tale of Okura Sushi's evolution, leaving an indelible mark on the culinary landscape of Nøtterøy.

Chef Slicing Fish
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